Members and Officers

Firematic Officers:

Chief of Department: (26-1) Jason Parente
First Assistant Chief: (26-2) Anthony Rocci
Second Assistant Chief: (26-3) Jason Trow
Captain: (26-4) Daniel Coughlin
First Lieutenant: (26-5) Christopher Barry
Third Lieutenant: (26-7) Kenneth Connolly
Fourth Lieutenant: (26-8) Matthew Iarocci
Chief Chauffer: (26-9) Raymond Redmond
Engineer: (26-10) John C. Coughlin
Engineer: (26-11) Michael Miller
Engineer: (26-12) Stalin Fulgencio

Company Officers:

President: John C. Coughlin
Vice President: Richard Roberts Jr.
Treasurer: George Tooma Jr.
Financial Secretary: Daniel Redford
Recording Secretary: Michael Berkowitz
Corresponding Secretary: Richard Santana
Sergeant-at-Arms: Stalin Fulgencio
Steward: Dominick Rodriguez Sr.
E-Board: Fred Viohl
E-Board: Christopher Morrison Jr.


Company Members