Our History     

Before April of 1957, Thiells had no fire company to speak of. If there was a fire in town, resident taxpayers were forced to pay unfair and unjust contract prices in order to protect themselves from fires. The citizens of Thiells protested and met several times to discuss the possibility of organizing their own fire company. On April 15, 1957, their first informal meeting was held. It was attended by Arthur Dresdner, A. Margiotta, David B. Roche, W. Brooks, and an alternate for S. Huvane. At this meeting it was decided to form a Fire Company.


The above picture is of David B. Roche

The second meeting was held on June 11, 1957 and it was decided to name the Company the David B. Roche Fire Company, in honor of Dave who had recently passed away. Arthur Dresdner was elected President of the Company. The next several years were spent determining boundaries for the District, approximate costs for land, buildings, equipment, etc…

On July 14, 1959 with President Kendzierski presiding, it was noted that the Town Board had been presented with a petition requesting the creation of a Fire District in the area to be known as The Thiells-Roseville Fire District.

On January 12, 1960 the members thanked Eugene McGuinness for successfully presenting the Company’s viewpoint to the Town Board at a public hearing. The Fire District was made official and turned over to the Fire Commissioners, who were Arthur Dresdner, E. Stark, John Grant, E. Thiell, and G. Rusciano.

On May 10, 1960 the first line officers for the Company were elected as follows:
Chief Raymond Lund, Assistant Chief Ken Allison, Captain Joseph Van-Syckle, First Lieutenant Joseph Hatala, Second Lieutenant Vincent Bosco, Chief Chauffeur John Placek.

On August 15, 1960 the Fire District purchased the property on Route 202 from Trap Rock Company for $1.00. The property is 125’ x 200’.

On September 13, 1960 Chairman Nicolas established November 26th as the date for the first Company Dance.

On January 1961 the Gurran Oil Company donated a 4,000 gallon tanker to the Fire Company, the Company was on its way with its first piece of equipment. Next a small pumper was bought for $125 from West Point. Then a second piece of property was purchased from Don Bosco for $1.00. Next a 500 gallon pumper was purchased for $3,000. Then a 750 gallon pumper was purchased for $3,000. In April, 1962 the construction of two fire houses were started and were completed in the latter part of August.

On September 1, 1962 the David B. Roche Fire Company officially took over the Fire District with the following line officers in charge: Chief Raymond Lund, Assistant Chief Kenneth Allison, Captain Joeseph Hatala, First Lieutenant Howard Farewell, Second Lieutenant Vincent Bosco, Chief Chauffeur John Placek.

There are many members who have not been mentioned in this resume who have contributed immeasurably to the success of the Company, and they should all be thanked on behalf of the Fire District.