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The Thiells Fire Department is requesting all residents assistance in keeping fire hydrants clear of snow. This will enable us to locate and use the hydrants when needed. Thank you!

Snowwy Hydrants

 The New Tan26ker

Check out our new Spartan ERV Gladiator Fire Truck! Projected Delivery: March 2015



Our Mission

  • We provide safe, cost effective, and high quality fire protection services to the residents of the Thiells-Roseville Fire District.
  • We will achieve this by insuring that a sufficient number of highly trained and appropriately equipped firefighters will respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We will provide prompt and efficient vehicle extrication service that interfaces well with and supports the existing EMS system.
  • The members of the David B. Roche Volunteer Fire Company will assist EMS units by providing assistance at medical emergencies, multiple casualty incidents and disasters.
  • The members of the David B. Roche Volunteer Fire Company will function at the First Responder-Operations level for response to hazardous material incidents.
  • The members of the David B. Roche Volunteer Fire Company will respond and mitigate emergency conditions that are a threat to life or property during natural and man-made disasters.